Hi, I’m Wenlong Yan. I’m a game programmer,
a game designer and a life long learner.


This project marks the beginning of my comprehensive understanding of the Unity engine and my attempts to implement some special features. In this project, I used systems such as behavior tree AI, animation systems, and an Event-Based Input System, among others. I also explored and experimented with some aspects of skill design and combat design.

The Game Trailer

Platform: PC, 2 players Co-op game

Technology: Unity, C#

Team size: Solo

Project Duration: 2 months (Aug. 2021- Oct. 2021)

Design And Gameplay

In this game, two players will take on the role of a mage and a warrior to defeat an enemy.But they can’t get through the level if they just fight on their own, they have to effectively combine their skills with those of the other to maximize the effect of their skills.


When my friends and I play DOTA, we always get much pleasure from the skills unleashing in group combat. When picking heroes, we tend to choose those who can maximize damage by matching their skills with each other’s, and control + damage is a never-ending combination. During the battle, we also need to be able to release these skills that require coordination, and my friends and I always have a tacit understanding of how to release these skills. So I want to create a game that lets players feel the thrill of working with their partners to release their skills.

Core Experience

In addition to using skill damage to wipe out normal enemies, players also need to use skills with specific attributes to deal damage to enemies with different attributes. Also, each skill has its own cooldown, so the player needs to have a strategy for releasing skills.

Because everyone’s point of view is fixed, it’s common to overlook the dangers behind you, and it’s up to your partner to remind you.

The mage takes time to cast spells, and some enemies will only attack the mage and ignore the warrior. So the mage must pay special attention to his position, and the warrior must also take care to protect the mage.

Notable Features

1.Based on the behavior designer to write and produce different enemy AI, so that different enemies can carry out different chase, attack behavior.
2. Designed and implemented a two-player cooperative skill tree system that allows two people to have separate skill trees, but every two skills can be combined to produce a reasonable effect.

Realtime Screenshots

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