Hi, I’m Wenlong Yan. I’m a game programmer,
a game designer and a life long learner.

Listen to me

The Game Trailer

Platform: PC, Keyboard&Mouse

Technology: Unity, C#

Team size: 11 people (2 programmers, 2 sound design, 4 artists, 2 game designers, 1 narrative designer)

Project Duration: 3 months (May 2022- July 2022)

Design And Gameplay
Listen to Me is a pixel-style horizontal pop-up shooting ACT game, which is also a visualization of “roses” and “thorns” on the way of independent game production. Players play a childhood dream to become a game developer, feel the pressure of the environment from family, workplace, lovers, etc. on the way to growth, and still try to adhere to the game development dream.

Notable Contributions
1. Design and make a rougelike pseudo-random equipment drop probability system.
2.Designed and implemented the main interaction flow of the game.
3. Use art materials to create different character animations and animators for each level.

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Realtime Screenshots

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