Hi, I’m Wenlong Yan. I’m a game programmer,
a game designer and a life long learner.



Platform: PC

Technology: Unity, C#

Team size: Solo

Project Duration: 1 month (Aug. 2021- Sept. 2021)

Design And Gameplay

You find yourself standing in front of a door, with darkness behind you. You can hardly remember things and just want to escape from this place. But it that really possible for you to run away? Or, have you really gained your consciousness?


The ROOM is basically a tribute to a Hideo Kojima‘s game demo called Playable Teaser, which is an interactive trailer for Silent HILLS, the cancelled new installment in the popular psychological horror series Silent Hill. But the main purpose of THE ROOM is not to scare but to solve puzzles.

Interactivity Ideas

The game has a first-person perspective in which the player controls the protagonist who wakes up in a haunted house and experiences supernatural events. Players can solve puzzles by watching TV, reading paper on a table, etc.

Realtime Screenshots

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